The History or Theory about PHP Hosting Is Not Scary

July 24, 2011Comments Off on The History or Theory about PHP Hosting Is Not Scary

PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is a server sided web development language that piggy backs on other languages to install scripts on your web pages that do t hings that you need done.  Those other languages, of course, are C, Perl and Java, among others.  PHP hosting can be used with any operating system and has the same functionality with them all.  This makes it very easy to move from one system to another in your day and still get the same careful attention to detail with them all.

The only issue, when using a PHP script is whether the server you are using is enabled to run PHP scripts.  If it is not, the applications will not run properly if at all, and the effect will be lost to your visitors.  That may or may not be an issue as PHP has been installed on over a million servers all over the world.  If it is an issue, things like payment processors will not work properly and that may be a big issue.

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